Tuna Hawk skipper Ed Gundal (right) and mate Gene Sheehan (left) with a 336 lb. Halibut caught in their gill net August 1973.

About Coastal Hydraulics

Providing the power to keep your business moving

Coastal Hydraulics is a family business built on the idea that we can help you work more efficiently and improve your operations. And what better way than adding reliable hydraulic power and solutions that can lighten your load, save time, and/or save valuable resources!

Our founder Ed Gundal spent many years as a commercial fisherman and found ways to improve life on the boat. To save fuel, and wear and tear on his hydraulic pump, he added an electric clutch to disengage the pump controlling the winch during idle periods. He also designed and installed a space-saving onboard hydraulic pressure washer below deck to clean the boat and equipment at the end of a long day. Inspired by the value of these improvements and others, he started a business focused on sharing his knowledge and solutions with others working on the sea.

Over three decades later Coastal Hydraulics continues to support commercial fishing and the marine industry, plus mobile, industrial and agricultural businesses, providing clutches, pumps, motors, hydraulic hose and fittings, and more to help keep your business up and running.


How Can We Help You

Coastal Hydraulics not only provides great marine and mobile hydraulic equipment, you can also count on great service and support. Our friendly, experienced team has the knowledge and resources to get you up and running quickly. We provide fast turnaround and welcome the opportunity to help you select the right equipment for your unique situation.