Electric Clutches

We have Electric Clutches for all your hydraulic marine, mobile and industrial needs, including fishing and pleasure boats, pressure washers, oil drilling rigs, boom trucks, street sweepers, carpet cleaning trucks, snow plows and more.  Our experienced staff is here to help you select the  right clutch for your personal situation.  We are an authorized Pitts Electric Clutch distributor.

Note:  Clutches require a short burnishing period to generate the rated torque.  This is a process of cycling the clutch to slightly wear the friction surfaces.  This allows full contact and maximum magnetic attraction required for rated torque (or more). To burnish a clutch, the following is recommended:  Install clutch and run at 1000 to 1200 RPM.  Cycle on/off at the rate of 5 seconds on - 5 seconds off for a total of 25 cycles.