Ogura 80006060 Electric Clutch, 400 lb. ft.,24 Volt, "B" Spline 7/8 Inch 13T, Direct Drive

Item #: 80006060/42940990
MSRP: $2,189.67
Our Price: $1,970.71

Product Description

Use this direct drive Ogura electro-magnetic Clutch for your hydraulic pump control.

Electric Clutch Specifications:

  • Power: 91 Watts
  • Max RPM: 3600
  • Max Static Torque: 400 pounds-feet
  • Volts: 24
  • For Pump Shaft Size: ""B"" Splined 7/8 inch 13T 16/32 DP

Mounting Bracket 13258 (sold separately)

Notes: Drive flange bolt pattern and pilot diameter on clutch are dimensional to correlate with ""Spicer"" type 1350 - 1410 series drive shaft flange connections. Proper drive shaft selection is important. Consult with drive shaft manufacturers specifications for each specific application requirement. Drive shaft alignment must be within 3 degrees.

Important Installation Step: Clutches require a short burnishing period to generate the rated torque. To burnish, install the clutch and run at 1000 to 1200 RPM. Cycle on/off up to four (4) times per minute so that the surfaces can mate together. In most applications 30-50 cycles are required for burnishing."


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