Onboard vs. Portable Pressure Washer for Your Boat

Onboard vs. Portable Pressure Washer for Your Boat

Apr 8th 2020

When it comes to marine hydraulic equipment for commercial fishermen, there's no getting around just how important it is to have the right pressure washer onboard. After all, ocean particles such as algae and barnacles, dirt, oil and debris can wreak havoc on boat decks, traps, nets, livewell and practically anything else in a marine environment. Regular, consistent cleaning is crucial for keeping your boat and equipment in good shape for many years to come, which begs the following question:

"Portable or onboard pressure washers—which is a better fit for me?"

Fortunately, the answer is more straightforward than most people think—an onboard pressure washer is almost always the better option of the two. Here are just a few reasons to consider purchasing a new onboard pressure washer from Coastal Hydraulics, all of which can help you get the most out of your time on the water.

1. No Need for a Separate Power Source

One of the biggest perks associated with onboard pressure washers is that they can be mounted on a boat either as part of its existing hydraulic system or as a belt drive off the boat's engine. This allows the pressure washer to be operated simultaneously with other systems on the boat; you can haul traps and wash them at the same time, as an example. It's an excellent way to incorporate multitasking into the workday, and a tactic that will help you save valuable time while increasing productivity levels.

With a portable pressure washer, an external power source such as gas will always be required. This not only means that you'll have to have plenty of fuel onboard, but also that you'll have to keep the gas motor maintained to prevent a no-start situation. On the other hand, Coastal Hydraulics' direct drive pressure washer includes a clutch to engage and disengage the washer as needed, allowing you to conserve overall energy and also ensure you get the most life possible out of your pressure washer pump.

2. Compact Design = Extra Space

Above-deck space is valuable real estate for commercial fishermen, and the more you can do to keep things from getting crowded, the more you can get done in a day's work. Because onboard pressure washers are more compact than mobile systems and can be installed below deck, you can expect to save a significant amount of space up top. They're also permanently installed and tightly secured, which means rough seas never pose a threat to system health or stability.

While portable pressure washers are easy to move around, they typically take up a much larger footprint than onboard equipment does. You'll also need to take into consideration storage space for fuel—not an issue with onboard washers. Finally, a rough day on the water could present problems if a mobile washer isn't properly secured.

3. Simple, Efficient Operation

The simplicity of operating an onboard pressure washer cannot be overemphasized. Once installed, simply add a deck fitting to connect the hose, and you're ready to go! So long as the deck fitting is centrally located and you're working with enough hose length, you should have no trouble cleaning throughout the entire boat.

Depending upon how much deck space you have, however, keeping a mobile pressure washer on deck while you're actively working may pose a challenge. If you're hauling traps and cleaning as you go, for example, you'll only have so much space to work with.

4. A Better, More Thorough Cleaning Job

Onboard pressure washers from Coastal Hydraulics provide the best possible cleaning experience and do an excellent job of keeping your boat and equipment in good working order. Our pressure washers use salt water to clean, which not only preserves your freshwater resources but can also be very helpful for removing layers of dirt and grime. Once cleaning has been complete, fresh water can then be used as a final rinse in order to remove salt from surfaces.

Lastly, you can rest easy knowing that these units are corrosion-resistant and constructed from materials such as stainless steel for longevity and durable performance.

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